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-Penny For Your Thoughts: Them War Flashbacks. Separating The Art From The Artist.

Wow....just wow..........2015 has been a really shitty year. Humans continue to show how much of a devolved species we are, companies that we once loved are becoming more and more shittier, and important people that we love and looked up to are dying. But another thing that's been making 2015 one of the worst years ever conceived, is the fact that the people we once idolized and called "our heroes", have shown their true colors and reveal themselves to be one of the biggest scumbags ever.

For those who need context on what this P.F.Y.T's is all about, Allow me to explain. Bill Cosby, one of Entertainment's "Beloved Fathers", has been accused of a crime that no human being would ever imagine someone like Bill Cosby performing. Drugging and Raping Almost 60 Women. Admittedly, I thought this was all an elaborate Hoax by one of Bill Cosby's Ex-Wives just to get back at him for something stupid, but as time went on, proof started to form and the truth was not too far off. Evidently, the evidence was all there and these accusations have been proven true. I didn't want to believe it, but I had no choice. Since the time of the Cosby show...Cosby has been a fucking rapist...and my only question is....WHY?! BILL COSBY! WHY?! I've always admired Bill Cosby as an entertainer and comedian, and a part of me would really like to believe he's innocent of all the accusations against him. But the evidence is there...It's always sad when a figure of admiration turns out to be not just flawed but downright abominable. And now, because of this news, Bill Cosby is going to jail AND he has become one of the most despised traitors in Entertainment history. So much so that everyone and everything wants to erase everything Bill Cosby related. From his show, to his stand up specials, etc.

But its not just Bill Cosby who's losing the credibility and respect. Just recently, Hulk Hogan had his ties severed from the WWE over some racists remarks he's made in a sex tape....and for the sake of my well being, I'm not going to quote what it is, but let's just say it involves Black People. Because of this, now no one wants anything to do with Hulk Hogan. That's the thing I don't get about these celebrities. Why do they think they can just get away with these crimes? They know they are going to get caught sooner or later.

Now...this brings me to Today's P.F.Y.T. For as much as we now hate Hogan and Cosby, there's a question that goes in everyone's mind......can we still like their content? So that's what I wish to ask you all.

"Is it wrong to separate the Art from the Artist?"

Believe it or not, I've heard a discussion like this alot on Game Grumps. They talked about how despite the evil crimes Rick James has caused, they can still enjoy his music. And that really brought up a good interesting question. Are we bad people for enjoying the content by someone who was known for a heinous crime?

One big example is Josh Jepson. Despite the controversy and bullshit behavior Phil Fish has caused, Josh Jepson enjoys the game "Fez". He has a complete playthrough of it on his channel. I didn't watch it however because I refuse to watch or look at anything related to that abominable fucktard, Phil Fish. And to be honest, it kind of made me really mad that he was playing it; going so far as to say that he loved the game, because to me, it felt like he was giving Phil money and praise that he does NOT deserve. But then I realized that was rather childish of me to get mad at Josh for enjoying Fez, because he can separate the art from the artist.

But what really concerns me is that is there a fine line? I mean, its easy to separate Hulk Hogan's persona from Hulk Hogan himself. I mean yeah, he said a racist remark. Big deal, everyone says something racist. Hell, the fucking KKK is still around. Its easy to see him as the WWE persona he's made...but then you got Bill Cosby...he's done something horrific and unforgivable. Is it wrong or awkward to watch his content knowing this information? Is there a gray area?

I do believe that people have a right to separate the art from the artist, regardless of the person's crimes...but can this be considered support for the person in question? is it wrong at the end of the day? That's what I want to know.

Which is why I ask you my friends.........A Penny For Your Thoughts?
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Matt, The Acidic Mantis by TheSpiderManager
Matt, The Acidic Mantis
I was bored, so I made a thing for my little brother. Was playing around with Photoshop and made some neat effects with slime (or in this case, acid). Love how it turned out :D
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 4 by TheSpiderManager
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 4


-Tanuki- :icondragonuv3:
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6.) DmC Dante

-The Furher- :iconzs99:
1.) Normal
2.) Blue (Jurassic World)
3.) Handsome Jack
4.) Amaterasu (Okami)
5.) Altair (Assassin's Creed)
6.) Inverted

-Genetic Jackhammer- :iconcall-me-jack:
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2.) Leon S. Kennedy
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4.) Tundra Camo
5.) Forest Camo
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-Agent Wisp- Gideon Kinglsey
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2.) The Question
3.) White Suit
4.) Parasoul
5.) Trilby (Chzo Mythos)
6.) Two-Face

-Agent Hush- Juliet Kingsley
1.) Normal
2.) Tainted Rose
3.) Mecha Punk
4.) Valentine (Skullgirls)
5.) Lilith (Borderlands)
6.) Sam (Danny Phantom)

Which one's your favorite of each character?
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 3 by TheSpiderManager
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 3

Comin Atcha with some More Colors Yo!! Time to see what we got going on here :3

-BARRY!- Matt, My Lil Bro.
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-The Fruity One- B.Nana
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-Madam Eldredge Horror- Zuula
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4.) Vertigo (Primal Rage)
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Which one's your favorite of each character?
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 2 by TheSpiderManager
Crimson Society Pallete Swaps Set 2

And now we have Set #2 of the Pallete Swaps~ This one I had alot of fun with ^U^ Hope you all like

-DeadRams- :iconthequietrabbitscribe:
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-Pony Simulation- :iconcrucifythewolf:
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Which one's your favorite of each character?
With Brian and Zeus
Today’s Topic: Unreleased Sonic Games - Part 2

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Heliotrope Hostile Reviews. If you're just joining us, we...we’ve dove headfirst into madness...we’ve discovered a broken reality within the Sonic universe...and its Sonic Dreams Collection.

Zeus: Fuck the recap, we’re just going to get right back into this. We recently played Sonic Movie Maker. We didn’t get a chance to give our thoughts because...well...Just read Part 1 and see for yourself! But in terms of the game itself, as mentioned earlier, this game is Garry’s Mod/Source Filmmaker long before it was ever released. You’re given 6 scenarios, each stranger than the last! And your main objective is to...well...make a movie. That’s it. No more, no less.

So now that we got that fucking trip outta the way,  Let’s move to what seems to be the final game in the collection; My Roommate Sonic. Also real quick, while this is the last game; we still have one more game to look at after this one. That of course being Eggman Origin. We’re just waiting for Tsuneo to get his ass over here so we can get the so-called “Adapter” ready. Sooo yeah; B.Nana, you ready?

B.Nana: *sigh*...As ready as I’ll ever be… T_T


So, apparently this game is suppose to be an “Autobiographical” game which...explores a human/hedgehog relationsh- Ok! Ok, stop the fucking presses here! Am I the only one who noticed the Red Flag here - as in, the Sonic ‘06 flags?!

Zeus: What is all of this?! Was this MJStudio’s true intentions?! To make a freaking collection of Sonic games that appeal to the darkest niches of the fandom?! Shit doesn’t add up here!

B.Nana: Look, we just went through some ca-razy nonsense with Sonic Movie Maker. At this point, I don’t think things can get any weirder - let’s just go in and be done with it!

Fair here’s My Roommate Sonic...what could possibly happen here?

-6:00 AM-

So like...we’re sitting next to Sonic in an apartment room...he’s watching TV...and Eggman is watching us from the adjacent building telling me to...tickle Sonic…………..You know! I’ve seen some shit in the Sonic franchise...but never to this extent!

B.Nana: Come on Sonic, let me tickle you!

Zeus: Do it while he’s distracted, you idiot!

-6:07 AM-

B.Nana: Oh! Oh! “Go For The Kill!” I gotta go for the kill!!


B.Nana: I dunno! OH WAIT! The feet! That’s another tickle spot! Maybe if I…

-B.Nana grabs and pulls on Sonic’s shoe. She successfully revealed Sonic’s horrifyingly realistic human feet...toes and all-

B.Nana: Bingo! I win!...right?

Yeaaaah….Why the fuck does he have human feet?!

B.Nana: Nevermind that! I’m going for it!

-6:13 AM-

B.Nana: Uuh Uuuuh UUuuhhh! He’s looking at me!! He’s looking at me!!

Zeus: Stare deeply into his eyes!!

B.Nana: I DON’T WANNA!!! This makes my peel contract!

Come on B.Nana! The quicker you do it, the sooner we can be done with this!


NEITHER WERE WE!!! Look...just stare into his eyes...and we’ll see what happens…

-6:20 AM-






-And then...silence…and a headless human floating in a void-


Zeus: O.O

B.Nana: OoO

What...what’s going on…?

Zeus: Did...did the world end? this the afterlife? ...Are we in limbo?

B.Nana: Wait….are we…...are we….becoming Sonic?

-To Brian and Zeus’s horror, B.Nana was correct. The headless human had become a humanized headless Sonic, running through the fields of Green Hill Zone...all while a cellphone comes out of the background, saying “I hope this is what you wanted”...and then it zooms out to a Dreamcast-


Zeus: .......

B.Nana:...EEeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh. ;n;

B.Nana….turn it off….turn it off….just...just turn off the Dreamcast…

B.Nana: I don’t wanna play this anymore. D’X

Zeus: What...what in the name of triple D-cup titties is this monstrosity…?

-On cue, Tsuneo came in-

Tsuneo: Soooooo, having fun there, you guys?

Zeus: ...


Tsuneo: I’ll take that as a yes.

Tsuneo, what is this nonsense that you let Irene send to B.Nana?!

Tsuneo: Hey, B.Nana likes Sonic; so Irene felt it was only right to send it to her.

B.Nana: Now I wish I didn’t open this thing. ;n;

Look, we need your help. We need some kind of adapter to play some game.

Tsuneo: Ah yes, that. Alright, give me the laptop, I know what to do… By the way, did you all enjoy being birthed by Rouge?


Tsuneo *trollish smirk behind his mask*: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!

...If I didn’t know you better, I’d put an Anti-Ether Mine in your favorite chair. As it the adapter thingy working?

Tsuneo: Give me a few.

-6:30 AM-

Tsuneo: Aaand done.

Thank you...alright, we’ll take the rest from here.

Zeus: By the way Tsuneo… Irene knew about this thing all along, didn’t she? She knew what this thing was, and manipulated poor Nana into bringing it to us.

Tsuneo: Pretty much...she’s becoming a troll just like me…*sniff* They grow up so fast.

Grrrr...I’m having a long chat with Irene when this is over…

B.Nana: Look, it doesn’t matter if this was just some trollish scheme by Irene! This is big! Irene found a Conspiracy here! While I suddenly realize why SEGA wouldn’t have allowed this, this still means SEGA tried to hide things from us!

B.Nana...I’m starting to get the feeling that there’s more to this than just the fact of SEGA lying to its fans…

B.Nana: What makes you say that??

Zeus: Well, think about it...this all just seems to go against SEGA’s standards.

Standards? Sonic Boom says otherwise.

Zeus: Not the point. I mean, is Arcane Kids really trying to tell us that SEGA would actually okay something like this?

B.Nana: Well we won’t know until we play Eggman Origin. This is the last game in the collection that we haven’t played. So maybe some bigger answers lie here! We need to treat this like Ace Dangansona G and uncover the truth! Come on, guys! We need to reach out the truth!!

Alright, alright fine! Let’s just see what happens in this game, then… So let’s try this again.


Okay, so first of all, to play this game, we apparently need an adapter. But thanks to Tsuneo’s...strange knowledge of this game, we got it working, and now we can get it running. So now let’s see what really is in store for u- Aaand we’re Sonic the Hedgehog with only his head, legs, and feet. Nope. I’m done. I’m done! That’s it! No! I’m done! WRAP UP THE REVIEW! IT’S OVER!!!


Zeus: NO! We’ve gotten this far! We need to continue!

B.Nana: Aaaahh, come on, man!!! More weird?!

Tsuneo: Did you know you can use the Make My Sonic to change the color of what you’re playing as?


Tsuneo: What?

Just play the damn game, B.Nana…

B.Nana: we go...onward to Eggman Origin!

-6:50 AM-


Why are you giving a limbless Eggman worms...and why does his neck stretch like that...AND WHY IS HE GETTING BIGGER?! NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!!

Zeus: Am I the only one getting a bit of a Spore vibe from all this?

A moment ago, I would’ve said that Sunky.MPEG and Silly.TIFF were just as weird as Sonic Dreams Collection, but this takes the cake, turns it into a Sith Thought Bomb, and blows everything out of the weirdness pool!

Tsuneo: Those were purposeful parodies of Creepypasta, Brian, course those were weird. This on the other hand...

I wanna know right the fuck now...who and where did Irene get this from?!

Tsuneo: Get this: Its a Freeware Game made by the same people who made Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective, Aka, “Arcane Kids.”

...What?...wait….this game was actually made by someone else? I thought MJStudios made this game?

Tsuneo:...Brian...go to Google right now and look up “MJStudios.” You will see that there is little to NO information about them in terms of video games. How does that not seem suspicious?

-X-Files Theme-

Wait…hang on...this means-


What? What is it?!

B.Nana: I-I-I gave Eggman worms, and now I’m on a hill, and s-something is coming out of the g-g-ground! And the noises…the noises! What is he saying?!

Zeus: Oooooh nooooo...what is going on here?!

B.Nana: I’m gonna investigate this! I need to see what's going on here!

-7:05 AM-

All 3 look in silent, Tsuneo standing in the background, as Eggman grabs Sonic...and the scene ascends to the skies

All 3: O_O


Eggman: FAREWELL, Sonic The Heghehog-og-og-og-og-og…

Zeus: ..God..In the Sky..?

…..You have 1 Ascensions...what the fuck is this Dark Souls bullshit?

B.Nana: Aaannd the game is over…Okay, I’m done! *close the laptop* What the fuck?! I can’t believe this! This is what’s going on in SEGA’s studios?! It’s no wonder they are getting shittier!

Tsuneo: You dense fruit. Didnt you hear us a moment or two ago?

B.Nana: Huh?

Tsuneo: Can’t you see this game wasn’t even made by SEGA, but aped through Arcane Kids, creators of other nightmare-inducing gems if you’d do a Google search on that name.

Tsuneo’s right B.Nana.

B.Nana: Wait… Are you saying these games aren’t really a result of hacker espionage??

All: NO!

B.Nana: Then what the fuck is going on then?!

I know exactly what’s going now, thanks to Tsuneo. Think about it… An OC generator that’s just recoloring and distorting Sonic’s body while giving him a hilariously overblown name? Disturbing and Sexual Overtones in Sonic Movie Maker? The forced human x hedgehog plot in My Roommate Sonic? The transformation of human to hedgehog? And whatever the fuck Eggman Origin is.... Don’t you see the pieces coming together, B.Nana?

B.Nana: ...Uh…..No?

Zeus: You fucking idiot! This game is nothing more than a giant insult to the Sonic fandom! Presumably the ones on deviantART!

B.Nana: Oooohhh. But why?! Why would Arcane Kids do something like that?

Tsuneo: Two reasons come to mind. One, it’s just something they do, making “Games you’d want to see on the Dreamcast”. And two, after what we just witnessed in SDC, and what I can confirm is true of the perceptions of this deranged side of the fandom, they wanted to give the fandom a much-needed kick in the balls.

I think what Arcane Kids was trying to do was basically send a comedic message to the world about what goes on in the Sonic fandom. With all their Sonic OCs being nothing more than recolors of existing characters, their forced sexual fanfictions and shippings, their desire to push their strange fetishes by adapting them to the Sonic franchise, their endless self-insert fics, and - and I just need to repeat myself here - WHATEVER THE FUCK EGGMAN ORIGIN IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT!

Tsuneo: I’ll be honest, even I don’t know what the fuck that was.

I think it goes without say that Arcane Kids was only trying to take a jab at the dark side of the Sonic fandom. This isn’t Sonic Dreams Collection, B.Nana...this is “deviantART: The Game”.

B.Nana: I think “Sonic Nightmares Collection” would work just as well.

Zeus: Amen to that. So, the question this a bad game?

I...really don’t fucking know, Zeus. I don’t know how to treat this game, knowing that it’s a willful parody of everything wrong with fandoms in general and Sonic fans in particular.

Tsuneo: To quote someone I look up to: A bad game is one that fails to attain what it strives for. In that context, I’m surprised to say SDC is actually a GOOD parody game, in that it succeeded at its objective: Be a jab at the Sonic fanbase.

Yeah. With all its fucking mind blowing nonsense that’ll make you question life quicker than a glitch in Sonic ‘06 (points if you can get what I’m referencing), Arcane Kids really out did themselves. They made a facade about it being unreleased prototypes.

Tsuneo: And while it appears to be rather slapped together with crazy glue, chewing gum and menstrual blood, it’s still better than most of what they’ve put out before it, taking that quality angle into account.

Zeus: I hope I’m not breaking any new ground here, but this game is a hell of a lot better than Sonic Boom is and ever will be.

B.Nana: Zoozy, there really is no competition when you try to be better than Sonic Boom…

Tsuneo: Finally, something I can agree about with this fruitcase.

B.Nana: Yay! ^U^

Well then, I guess it settles it: this game isn’t a bad game. It did what it strived to do and it did it with serious panache. I just hope Arcane Kids is prepared for the thousands upon thousands of angry e-mails from the offended Sonic fans who took this game seriously and interpreted it as some sort of personal attack towards them and their desires...and fetishes...and ships.

Tsuneo: Any troll worth their salt won’t get offended by hate commentary. Especially from a fucked up cabal like the Sonic Fanbase. It just tells them they did their job well.

Zeus: Yea verily. As we well know, trolls are sustained by the pain of others.

So, I guess with that in mind, Sonic Dreams Collection gets two review scores from us. As a scathing commentary of the dark underbelly of the Sonic fandom, we rate it:

4 Stars: Parasitic Approval.

Buuuuttt, if we ignore the message and look at the game on its own merits (or lack thereof), we give it a rating of…

2 Stars: It’s Poop You Can Play With.

Sonic Dreams Collection: Making You Question Your Life and Loyalties to the Sonic Fandom better than Sonic ‘06.

Anywho, I think that about wraps it up. I’m Sergeant Spider.

Zeus: I’m Zeus.

B.Nana: I’m B.Nana. :D

Tsuneo: I’m the Neverdead, Spider-Trolling extraordinaire.

B.Nana: And...I think it's safe to say that I’m done with the Sonic fandom...this game was a trip...but boy did I learn something! I’ll just stick to a superior fandom, like My Little-

Tsuneo: Sweet Apple Massacre and Cheerilee’s Garden. Oh, and they are openly fine with drawing porn of adult horses on foals...OH, and the fanbase is completely tainted with Dubstep.

B.Nana: Ok no, fuck that fandom.

You might as well just stick with Sonic, Nana. I think it goes without saying that nothing is sacred when it comes to fandoms in general.

Tsuneo: Fanaticism ruins a lot of things. Both with the hands and virgin dicks of the depraved people following the doctrine.

Well, then I guess we can pretty much….call this...a….re….view….wow….why do I feel tired all of a sudden…?

B.Nana: Oh! Looks like the adrenaline is wearing off.

Uuuhhh… that a sombrero your wearing, or are you just happee two sea mee?

Tsuneo: ...Yeah, I’m just gonna… *quietly slips out*

Oooohhh...Look at all de pretty colors….*sniff* Mmmm..I smell cookies…..OHGEEZI’MBLACKINGOUT!

-Brian immediately keels over and begins snoring, inadvertently squashing a grasshopper in the process. Somewhere, a planet blows up, but nobody cares-

B.Nana: Don’t worry Bri-Bri. UvU I’ll let you sleep in my room till ya wake up! ^U^ And don’t you worry, Spoody, I won’t touch you :3 ……….much.

-B.Nana grabs Brian and skips away to her room. Meanwhile, Tsuneo heads back to his room to meet up with Irene-

Irene: So how did it go?

Tsuneo: They reacted exactly as you said they would. Complete and utter shock, fear, and downright pants-pissing madness.

Irene: *laughs hysterically* So predictable.

Tsuneo: You know you can be really evil sometimes…

Irene: Who did I get it from, love?

Tsuneo: Exactly.

-Cue random trombone music from the Pocket Springtrap in Tsuneo’s coat pocket...which is promptly silenced by the NeverDead pushing its head back down-

Tsuneo: What did I say about moment-killing, P-Trap?

HeliotropeHostile Reviews #19 - Dreams...Part 2
Its over...its finally over....what is my life..

Edited By: :iconsliveremperor:

Title Card: :iconcrucifythewolf:

Featuring: :icongamekrazd:

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