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...Satellite Beams...Space Sharks.........Laser Chainsaws......................And birthing a baby while inside a shark...

This sums up my reaction

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DK...Gronkus Donk
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“So that’s why you guys managed as you did after the fact.” The short pony nodded to the council and their new arrival, still shivering by the fire. “The Initiative were too busy throwing a party to try and follow the second rule.”

“This isn’t a zombie flick, and I resent that,” the dark figure commented, Irene shaking her head at that. “Anywho...after all that nonsense with the Initiative, I doubt you all had time to immediately strike back.”

“Indeed,” Max said. “We had no idea that the Initiative was just as fledgling as we were at the time - as far as we knew, they had a whole lot more ordnance where that cobalt bomb came from. Instead, we stuck it out in solitude, preparing ourselves to fight back and acclimate our new members to life in the Society.”

“Mhm! And it was a fun couple days!” Emily leapt from her seat for a moment, before Becky pulled her back down and the rest of the group looked to Brian to continue.


Tales of the Society - The Azure Age

Chapter 3.1: Getting Your Feet Wet

Last time on Tales of the Society

Following their successful attack on the Crimson Society HQ, the Azure Initiative believed the Crimson Council to be dead. As such, they turned their attention to strengthening their position in the Nexus and tracking down the last loose end: Tsuneo, the former fifth Councilman.

However, unbeknownst to the Initiative, their enemies were still alive, having escaped through the Nexus Underground. Emerging in a remote location, they set up a new base and recruited four new members: Tim, Emily, Irene, and Becky. It seems that the rebirth of the Crimson Society is well underway...but can the Council avoid making the same mistakes as last time? And what will happen when the Initiative learns of its rival’s continued existence?

“So there’s the grand tour. Any questions?” Brian called back to his allies.

Irene raised her hand first. “When in the Nine are we gonna get back at them for bombing your original base?” she asked.

“That is a good question, but my answer is that we’ve got bigger concerns first,” Brian replied. “You’re no use in a fight if you aren’t used to fighting as a team. And that’s especially bad in your case, Irene, since you throw nukes around like candy.”

Irene’s eyes narrowed. “You act as though I only use nukes,” she said.

“Brian’s point is that we need to work as a single unit,” Max continued. “The Initiative is united by their grudges against us; if we can’t band together as one to match them, we stand no chance of victory.”

“A fair point indeed. Well spoken.” Tim agreed. “So then, how shall we begin developing our team-fighting skills?”

“Well, to start,” Eli said, “let’s work on getting to know each other as friends.” He gestured to Brian, Max, and Steve. “We councilmen have no trouble putting our lives on the line for each other, and we know each other’s moves almost as well as we know our own. You guys gotta be the same - you gotta trust each other, and we gotta trust you too.”

“And I know just the way to do it,” Brian said, leading the group back outside. At the bottom of the house he drew in, there was the opening to the undercrofts that the Councilmen had emerged from during their escape from the Azure Initiative’s attack.

“Ah, that’s smart,” Steve nodded. “See, down here is the Nexus Underground, as we call it. The Sarge and the rest of us had to go through here to get to this place.”

Very...interesting, to say the least.” muttered Athena.

“So...the test is to go down there?” Emily questioned.

Brian nodded as he began drawing something with his pencil. “In a sense, yeah. We’ll all take a grapple gun and split into pairs - one Councilman and one newbie. Everyone goes into the tunnel and takes a different route. Our objective is to fetch something from the worlds below. It has to be something of value to you both - not just anything will do.”

Becky raised an eyebrow. “Wait, worlds? What are you-”

“You’ll know it when you see it, trust us,” Brian said. He threw his pencil in the air as he spoke, with eight lines falling down in one hand and the pencil falling into the other. “Now then, everyone, draw straws.”

Ugh,” Zeus groaned. “I think Tim’s already rubbing off on you.

“Hey, no comments from the peanut gallery,” Steve growled. “Just take a fucking stick, everyone.”

The other Society members looked at each other before gathering around Brian and taking one of the straws. They soon found that each one had a different color on its bottom end - red, green, black, or purple.

“Alright…” Emily squinted at the end of her straw. “I got the purple stick! Does that mean I’m with you, Brian?”

The spider-bunny shook his head as he held up a straw tipped with green. “Sorry, babe, but you’re gonna have to learn to hang with other people now.”

“But I already know how to do that!” Emily said. “You just climb a tree, hook your leg over a branch, and-”

“I think that was a metaphor,” Max said as he walked up behind Emily, a purple stick in his hand. “It seems that we’ll be going underground together for this exercise.”

“I got black.” Irene nods to the others, with Steve nodding back. Eli looked at Becky, both with red sticks in hand. This left Brian and Tim with the green sticks.

“Alright, we’ve got our pairs,” Brian said. “Everyone grab a grapple gun and get ready to embark.”

“Fuck your guns!” Steve said. “We can fly!” He pointed between himself and Irene.

“True,” said Tim, “but I am taking one just in case. You never know when you need a timely backup plan…”

“Those puns are gonna get you decked one of these days, Tim.” Irene muttered, shaking her head as she grabbed a grapple gun. Steve pouted theatrically, but grabbed a grapple gun of his own all the same.
Once everyone was ready, the pairs began heading down the tunnel into the Underground. Max and Emily went down the first side exit they found, Irene and Steve took the second, Eli and Becky left through the third exit, and Brian and Tim continued going straight ahead until they found a hole in the floor.

“Ready to dive into the unknown, Tim?” Brian asked.

“As certain as the clock’s hand never stops,” Tim replied.

With a nod to each other, Brian and Tim entered the hole, diving into the many worlds below...


Irene and Steve’s tunnel soon ended in the middle of the sky. Spreading their wings, the pair landed on a rather large chunk that appeared to be out on its own, apart from the tunnel they had entered from.

“Alright, we’re here,” Steve said. “Before we start in earnest, lemme ask; what sort of stuff do you consider valuable”?

Irene shrugged. “Could be anything, really. On a personal level, I’m partial to jewelry, but it really depends on what catches my attention.”

“...Alright, fair enough. Now then...where...are we?” Steve looked around, taking in the landscape. The area seemed simplistic, but there was a strange buzz in the air.

“Well, wherever we are, I feel a lot of magic here.” Irene gestured to Steve, flames springing to life in her hand. “I barely need any effort to summon my flames. And this place seems...familiar to me...” She trailed off as she wanders towards a suspiciously-close desert, with Steve quickly giving pursuit.

“Whoa, hang on! We’re supposed to do this together!” he called.

The pair quickly discovered that the area was crawling with all sorts of hostiles. However, every enemy was met with a barrage of fireballs from Irene. To Steve’s surprise, the butterfly-winged woman fought the hordes as though it were the most natural thing in the world, even finding time to laugh as she summoned wave after wave of burning projectiles.

“...Huh, you’d think these beasts would be acclimated to the heat, but they burn just the same...I wonder…?” Steve shrugged as he summoned his chains and lashed out at the approaching scorpions and vultures, burning and shocking any he lashed. As his shocks arced to new targets and his burns ignited the beasts with ease, he quickly saw how effective elements and magic were in this world.

“Hey, Irene!” he called. “You said this place seemed familiar - any idea why that is?”

It took Irene a moment to stop laughing long enough to answer Steve’s question. “Ah yes, this is a place I’ve seen all too many times. Only difference is that I’m used to seeing it on the other side of a computer screen… Steve, welcome to the Desert Zone.”

Steve struggled not to roll his eyes as he swatted one last vulture from the sky. “I guessed as much, but what’s it called?

“That is what it’s called...see, this universe is somewhere, somehow, out of Magicmaker.” Seeing a confused look on Steve’s face, Irene elaborated. “It’s a computer game.”

“Wait...You mean to tell me this world came from a game? That makes two world chunks from video games...” Steve tilted his head as he considered the possibilities.

“That’s exactly what i’m saying,” Irene replied. “But you said there’s hundreds, maybe thousands of these worlds… Maybe not all of them are games...but boy, did we get lucky here. I already know exactly what we’re going to get.”

“Are you sure about that?” Steve asked. “Don’t forget - I have to like it too.” He made sure to maintain a conversational tone - his intent was not to antagonize Irene, but to remind her that they were here to learn to trust each other.

“Positive, Steve. Tell me, would you like to have a SUN in your hands?” Irene smirked as this caught his attention, tail pointed up, ears perked and open. “Because we can find one of those around here. A Miniature Sun.”

“Holy shit,” Steve breathed. “This place is nuts!”

“I know - isn’t it great?!” Irene almost squealed before diving into an open crevasse in the sands. “C’mon! We need to go deeper!” she cried.

Steve shrugged and dove in after his gung-ho comrade, hoping that the rest of the Society had found worlds as pleasant as this one.


Max and Emily’s journey brought them to the edge of a bustling city. Lights spread across the land below them, and the skyline featured several large buildings, including a tall clock tower.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Max muttered. “I think we’re in London.”

“Uhh, wouldn’t it be Hell if you’re damned?” Emily asked.

Max stared at the goat-zombie for a few seconds before replying. “That’s also an expression, Emily. ...So, what do you think we should look for?” he asked.

Emily gave a long “Hmmmm” as she scratched her head, but her gaze shifted up to the sky as she noticed something. “Hey do you feel about giant flying hot dogs?”

“ dogs?” Max questioned.

Just look overhead,” Athena suggested.

When Max followed the parasite’s advice, he saw what had Emily’s attention; three large zeppelins slowly moving over the center of the city. If he squinted hard enough, he could just make out dozens of tiny dots flying away from the base of each airship and scattering across the city.

Wait a minute. Those almost look like-!

Max’s unspoken fears were confirmed as explosions suddenly erupted all over London. His widened eyes narrowed to slits as he realized that the explosions were forming an unpleasantly familiar symbol.

“Heyyy, that looks familiar,” Emily said. “...Is N.E.D. here, too? Do we get to kick his ass now?” Her rising anticipation sharply contrasted the barely-restrained fury building in Max.

“We can only hope,” he growled. “Then we can show our friends his severed head!”

Emily cocked her head to one side. “But...I wanna keep his head for a snack!” she said.

Max only drew his sword and began running towards the center of the chaos. After a moment, Emily followed, finding it surprisingly hard to keep up with the assassin.

“Hey Max, can I ask ya something?” Without waiting for an answer, she immediately continued. “How d’you run so fast with all those billowy clothes and that big-ass sword?”

“Training. Lots and lots of training.” Max didn’t even sound out of breath as he looked up and saw black-clad figures leaping from the zeppelins overhead and descending into the burning city. “Try to keep up, Em - we’re about to have some major company.”


The tunnel Eli and Becky were following gradually sloped further and further upward - soon, they had to use their grapple guns to progress. As they climbed higher and higher, a strange noise became audible, although not clearly enough for them to identify it.

“Uhh...d’you hear that, Eli?” Becky asked nervously.

“I do,” Eli replied. “Might be something nasty at the end of this tunnel - just stay frosty and be ready for anything.”

If she hadn’t been climbing a rope at the moment, Becky would’ve facepalmed. “I see that Steve wasn’t kidding when he said you were a jokester,” she muttered.

“Just trying to keep the mood light,” Eli replied. “And speaking of light…” He indicated a faint glow a few meters above them. “Looks like we’re getting close to something.”

Both Society members fell silent as they continued their ascent, hoping not to disturb whatever might be lurking at the end of the climb. At last, they reached a ledge, beyond which the light and noise seemed to be coming from - however, neither was prepared for just what they found on the other side.

“Holy-” Eli’s jaw dropped at the expansive underground chamber before him, filled with literal mountains of treasure. “Do you see this, Bex?”

Becky nodded mutely, but her gaze quickly shifted to something else in the distance. “That’s not all I see,” she whispered. “Look over there!”

Eli squinted in the direction Becky was pointing, and could barely make out a tiny figure on the other side of the treasure hoard. More pertinently, something much larger was moving underneath the piled riches - and if the changes in the background noise were any indication, it was the source of the strange sounds they’d heard earlier.

“Well, that doesn’t look promising,” Eli said.

“Something tells me we’ll be getting our hands dirty…” Becky muttered.

“I hope not,” Eli replied, his ears drooping suddenly. “Because I think we’d be a biiit outta our league…” He pointed to the shape rising from the sea of treasure - a colossal red dragon.

“There is something about you. Something you carry, something made of gold... but far more precious!...” Even with most of the room separating them, the dragon’s deep, rumbling growl could be heard as clear as day by the Society duo.

Becky’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head as she recognized the beast. “No way……Smaug the Magnificent?” she squeaked. “Ohhh...we are so screwed~!

Eli blinked at Becky’s elated tone. “Y’know, you sound remarkably chipper for someone who’s in the same room as a gigantic, murderous, fire-breathing lizard with wings,” he deadpanned.

“What can I say?” Becky shrugged. “I have a thing for dragons...and the works of Tolkien.”

“Eh, fair ‘nough,” Eli said. “Alright, here’s the plan - ol’ Smaug looks to be hunting the other sap who stumbled into his lair, which buys us some time. There’s gotta be something in this pile of bling that we can agree on as a worthy treasure, so we find it, grab it, and get the hell outta here before we’re turned into dragon hor d'oeuvres, got it?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Becky agreed. “Although I hope you’ve thought about what we’ll do if Smaug notices someone else digging through his hoard?”

“Yeah - dig faster and run like hell.” Eli was already climbing down into the nearest mound of gold, hoping that he and Becky would find what they sought before the dragon found them...


Brian had made a number of questionable decisions in his life, such as his rejection of Emily and his development of the Prototype Hostile Parasites. Choosing to lead Tim through the hole in the ground was not the worst choice he’d ever made, but it was definitely up there.

“ the name of grape soda…is this place?” he whispered, equally horrified and aghast at what he saw before him: a twisted mishmash of buildings and landscapes.

“I can tell you this much…” Tim responded. “It’s not like anything I’ve ever witnessed.”

Brian only shook his head. “I wish I could say the same,” he said, “but I recognize all too much of this place. Spongebob’s pineapple house...the Simpsons residence...that manga-esque Titans Tower...” He pointed to each building in turn, shuddering with every recognition. “My’s like an unholy clusterfuck of every crappy cartoon I’ve ever known! One of them that I truly and utterly despise!!

Still get war flashbacks about it, ey?” Zeus responded. Brian only shivered in response.

“Ugh...I’ve never seen such a cartoon’s quality drop so fast since Family Guy…” Brian shook his head. “And to think, I used to like that show...I dunno if we’ll find anything worth keeping here, Tim…” He turned to regard the well-dressed pegasus, but found him to be gone. “Huh? Where’d he… crap.”

To Brian’s dismay, Tim had already descended into the streets below, looking around with interest. He clicked his tongue chidingly as he glimpsed the exasperated look on Brian’s face as the latter dropped down to meet him.

“Now now, Sergeant, remember what you once told me: “Every turd can have a kernel of gold.” Most of these cartoon shows were good at some point in their original runtimes. Perhaps this might be no different.”

Pssh. Not sure if that’s just being hopeful or desperately grasping at straws.” Zeus scoffed.

“Regardless sergeant, it falls to us to find something worth keeping here.” Tim waved a finger at his superior with polite reprimand. “Remember that this was your stipulation for the others - we are no exception. Besides, perhaps we can converse about each other to distract ourselves from the of this place.”

Brian groaned, seeing the truth in Tim’s words. “Uuuugh...fine. Hold your breath, Zeus...we’re going in.” And with that, the pair entered the open realm of unsavory...and within a minute at the other side of the open world, they took cover behind a disgusting alleyway.

“...This is going to be a loooooong day...” both of them said in unison. Just outside the alley, an enormous, slavering mound of fat slouched past, dull, brutish laughter rumbling from its lard-encircled throat.

What in the name of Irene’s incredible rack was THAT?!” Zeus hissed.

“First of all, fuck you and your titty-philia,” Brian said. “ me crazy, but...I think that might’ve been Peter Griffin.”

“O-Oh dear...That’s quite a serious problem...” Tim looked about ready to vomit, but steeled himself. “I don’t remember him being that bloated. C-come on, Sarge...the sooner we go, the better.”

“No argument there,” Brian replied, peering out of the alley to see if the coast was clear. Seeing nothing of consequence, he signalled Tim to follow him down the streets, hoping to find an exit from this place before one of its warped denizens found them.

Good fucking god...” Zeus manifested an eye on Brian’s ear to glance around at the hatefully familiar buildings around him. “It’s like someone scraped out the worst parts of every cartoon ever, put them on endless loop, and stitched them together like a cartoon Frankenstein’s Monster!

“Indeed,” Tim said, cringing at the sight of a wart-ridden thing trying to pull a mangled
pseudopod out from under a comically-oversized couch. “I fear that there may be no golden seed within this - oh dear.”

Brian followed Tim’s gaze to see what had his attention: something that may have once been four little boys, but what was now a twisting, coiling pillar of flesh with four slack-jawed, blood-drooling heads and a variety of bizarre, but lethal-looking objects sticking out of every angle. The thing had spotted the new interlopers in turn; its sickly-pink eyes rolled in their sockets, its malformed limbs twitched in their direction, and its jaws opened even wider than before as it gave a twisted, four-toned screech.

Errrhhhnnnyyyygrrrrraaaaauuuuugbhh! Deeeeaaaauuuiiiiiikkoooooorrrrbbkeeeeeeemmmmeeeeeee!!! GHHOOOOOOBJAAAASSSSTOOOOOOOOBBSSS!!!!” The cherry on top of the gruesome horror sundae came when one of the thing’s four heads inexplicably exploded in a shower of gore, releasing mucosal tendrils that blindly writhed and groped at the air.

“...Oh, you have got to be shitting me here.” Brian reacted. “Tim...what do you make of this?”

“I certainly have no intention of letting it get near me,” Tim replied grimly, his lightsaber already in hand. “Whether we fight or flee is up to you, Brian.”

“...Wait a sec. Tim. You said somethin about a “golden seed”, right?” Brian nods to the side, spotting something that did, in fact, look like a golden seed.

“...Huh. What a timely occurrence...although I hadn’t meant it to be so literal.”

“Good enough for me - let’s break formation and get the hell out of dodge!”

At that signal, the two split up and ran around the mass of flesh, trying to get it to lose track of one of them. The thing gurgled in confusion before settling on Tim, prompting him to pull out his stopwatch.

Time out, abomination.” With that, Tim fired a ball of light-brown energy from his watch, striking the monster right between two of its heads. In a literal flash, the thing was frozen in place.

“Thanks Tim, now that golden thingamajig is mi- WHAT!?” Brian’s jaw dropped as he looked back to where the seed was. Now, it was in the nonexistent hands of a familiar - and strangely unaltered - pink figure, who promptly opened his mouth and swallowed it whole.

“Oh. My. Fucking! GOD!!!” Brian roared. “PAAATPRIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!

The shout made the walking starfish turn around, revealing that his face bore a surprisingly alert and intelligent expression. “Are you referring to myself, you...arachnid-lapine...amalgamation?” He trailed off as he registered just what he was looking at. “I’m sorry...which part of our city do you hail from?” he asked.

Brian’s fury evaporated in an instant, being replaced by confusion. “Uhh...what?”

Is that starfish communicating?” Zeus asked incredulously. “With coherent sentences!?

“I take it...we’re not in Kansas anymore?” Tim asked rhetorically.

“Nope,” Brian replied. “I think we’ve landed somewhere straight out of bat country...and by “bat”, I mean batshit crazy.”

Tales of the Society - The Azure Age - CH3.1

Journey to the Nexus! Let's see what crazy shit happens here!


Written by: :iconthespidermanager::iconsliveremperor::icongamekrazd:&:icontwistedkunoichi:

Society Members Featured: ME,:iconscafedragon:,:iconmaxcutter:,:iconrainbroach:,:iconthequietrabbitscribe:,:icontwistedkunoichi:,:iconraptorofire:,:iconagent-eli:


Sylvie's Twisted Little Pets - Part 2 + NeoEquine
And now we have the final set of Ponies that are in Sylvie's possesion! (Or Do We?) We have two other special ponies and Sylvie's main horse!

Smiley - This was Sylvie's attempt in trying to make the ideal Pinkie Pie pony. Sadly, it was a failed attempt....or at was. Due to some genetic alterations, Sylvie has created her own type of pony. She dubbed them "Smileys". Smileys do not have the strength to gallop or trot, but they CAN crawl. That's right, consider these guys the crawlers. Smileys can crawl on the walls and ceilings. The worse news? These fuckers can cloak! A pony that can crawl on everything and turn invisible? That is bad news bears. In order to really watch out for these guys, just listen to the sounds of their laughter...which is ironically a low-toned, distorted version of Pinkie Pie's laugh.

Munchkins - Of course, Sylvie wanted to make Mutant FILLIES as well. The result? Munchkins. Munchkins are your imps to the mutant pony family. Munchkins are rabid and violent and are pretty hard to kill with their speed and size. What's worse, these fuckers hunt in packs. So whenever you see one of these guys, chances are, there is more of them crawling about.

Big Mama - The Alicorn who needs no introduction. Sylvie's Favorite Pony, Big Mama. She is the leader of the herd and Sylvie’s favorite creation. She is far more powerful and intelligent than the basic mutants.

And that's it!............but wait....what the fuck is THAT down there below Big Mama??? Well allow me to introduce the NeoEquines.

NeoEquines - N.E.D. wanted to perfect Sylvie's Ponification Experiments and create his own kind of ponies. Thus, he created the NeoEquines. They are perfected Mutant Ponies, trained in the art of war and combat. They act as fellow soldiers and mounts to N.E.D.'s Army
Today’s Top 10 is dedicated to Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, who passed away on July 11th of 2015. This man has brought us so much hope and love for Nintendo and we wouldn’t have gotten here if it wasn’t for him. He wasn’t just a CEO, but he was a gamer at heart. He understood us. And while a lot of people didn’t agree with how he ran things, we can’t deny what kind of impact he’s left us…

We understand Satoru Iwata…And may you Rest in Peace…

R.I.P.  Satoru Iwata: December 6, 1959 – July 11, 2015

Now, on to the Top 10!

With Brian and Zeus
Today’s Topic: TOP 10 GAME BOY GAMES

TEN HUT! Hello, my fellow soldiers. I’m Sgt.Spider.

Zeus: And I’m Zeus.

And welcome to another-


-…wtf was that?!

Zeus: Hehehe, you like it? I installed it myself in your sleep. You see, we needed some spunk to the Top 10, so I added some sick guitar solos and the voice clips of Aerosmith. I think it adds a little spice to our Top 10~

Zeus, while that’s cool and all...this is something that would make more sense if we used it in a music-related review or Top 10. Not to mention that I’d rather not channel a certain loud-mouthed lizard from the Azure Initiative....

Zeus: Aahh, come on Brian! Haven’t you ever heard of “innovation”? Every now and then, you gotta throw something new to the mix to keep it exciting.

...Alright, fine. We’ll try it, just this once. But it better be worth it!

Zeus: Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Anywho, *ahem* welcome to another-


….Yea. So its been quite a while and we wanted to bring a Top 10 you guys would seem really interested in. Today’s Top 10 is about a Nintendo product that took the gaming realm by storm...and it ain’t the NES. If you haven’t already guessed by now, I’m talking about the Nintendo Game Boy.


...Zeus! Come on, man.

Zeus: Trust me on this!


Zeus: But yes, the Nintendo Game Boy is a revolutionary handheld gaming system that answered the age old question: “Can You Game On The Go?”. Given how well it did on the market, not only was that question answered, but it evolved and then some. You may try and correct us on this until the cows come home, but let’s be real; if it wasn’t for the Nintendo Game Boy, portable gaming wouldn’t even exist. Nor would it have evolved to how it has become. So, to all you Nintendo 3DS owners out there, just remember who it was that brought you here.

Now, the Game Boy most definitely hasn’t withstood the test of time terribly well. Compared to the 3DS and other modern portable gaming devices, it’s about as dated as disco. Still. the Game Boy is something of a nostalgic anomaly. And who better to thank for this machine than Gunpei Yokoi, rightfully known as “The Father of the Game Boy.”



Zeus: ...Now, of course, the Game Boy is not one without its faults. While it revolutionized the handheld gaming market, it still had its annoying limitations. For one, it predates the now-ubiquitous chargers, so you had to have an assload of Double AA Batteries locked up in your room somewhere to get any mileage out of playing the Game Boy. And you probably remember how much of an ANNOYANCE it is trying to actually SEE the game. Adjusting the game screen was a nightmare in and of itself. You had to worry about the brightness and of course, getting a closer look at the game to be able to play. It was a mess. And as we mentioned earlier, the graphics and sound are laughably low-quality by modern standards.

But hey, despite that, it was a fresh start to something new. Besides, we aren’t here to talk about the Game Boy and its limitations. We’re here to talk about the important shit. And that’s-


-I swear to fuck, Zeus!

Zeus: It’ll grow on you, I promise~

So…...yeah. The games. That’s what this Top 10 is for. Today, we are going to be counting down the Top 10 greatest Gameboy Games...or, at least, what we believe to be the greatest. You know, now that I mention that, I’d better set some ground rules here. First and foremost, this Top 10 only covers the games we played and grew up with during the Gameboy Era. Sooooooooo, I’m sorry for all you Pokémon fans who were expecting the original generation to appear on this list...but they aren’t…….. Man, I sure hope those Anti-Genwunner Flame Shields Pitchmaw installed work as advertised…

Zeus: What was it that he said about those shields again? On how effective they are?


Pitchmaw: Just set these up when you’re reviewing a contentious topic, and you’ll be just fine. The would-be complainers will find it to be a…killer...deterrent. Eh-heh heh heh of luck with your review, Sergeant!


Hey, Pitch. If you’re watching this, thanks for the assist, dude! :3 Ahem...also, some of these games may be exclusive to the Game Boy Color, but we’re still counting them since they’re more or less the same system, just with a few fancy new adjustments to accommodate the expanded palette and other things.

Zeus: And of course, these are games that we find worthy to be on this list. So, if for some reason we didn’t list a certain game on this list that you liked, then our Aerosmith voice clip has something to say to you…


Zeus: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

<ii>I</i> probably could’ve, but that’s beside the point. We’ll be happy to hear your opinions on the list as long as you respect our opinion on these games! So, without further ado…here are...


-NUMBER 10!-

...It’s fucking Tetris!

Zeus: Come on, you should all have known by now that Tetris was going to be on this list. It’s one of the very first games that came out for the Game Boy. Hell, it was one of the games PACKAGED with some versions of the Game Boy!

To this day, I have no fucking clue why this game is so damn addictive. For those of you who weren’t born when the Game Boy was a thing, Tetris is as simple as you can get. Your objective is to manipulate a series of geometric four-piece shapes known as “Tetriminoes” to form lines. When you successfully fill an entire line, it disappears, earning you points. You win a level after you reach a certain amount of points. But watch out - if you fail to make lines and stack up your blocks to the top of the screen, it’s Game Over. And...that’s really about it. Tetris is nothing more than a pick-up-and-play time-waster. ...And that was all part of the fun.

Zeus: Now, the reason why this game is so low on the list is because it's nothing more than a puzzle game. There really is no sense of adventure or excitement - your only goal is to either last as long as you can while racking up points, or to finish a set number of lines as fast as you can. This is about as deep as your average Ipad game...but hey, it’s still a classic. And you can never beat the classics.


Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Monsters and Aliens, Angels and Demons, and so on. Behold! The game that started it all! The game that brought us one of Nintendo’s cutest mascots: Kirby’s Dream Land!

-Round of Applause, women cheering, panties and bras being thrown-

Zeus: Holy shit….The girls really want Kirby’s puffy pink d-

Please do not finish that sentence. Raped childhoods aside, does Kirby even have a dick?

Zeus: WWeeeeeellll. I’ve looked through some Rule 34 pics in your sleep while conducting research about a Star Warrior’s body structure. And I’m happy to announce that-


Zeus: If it was possible to have sex in Dream Land when you look like Kirby.

Zeus, do you ever stop to wonder that maybe the only reason those pictures exist is because the Internet is full of horny motherfuckers who want to make anything possible?

RULE 34, BITCHES! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! *gratuitous pelvic thrusting*

There ya go. For once I agree with the disembodied voice of Aerosmith. But back to the point…Kirby’s Dream Land was the beginning of one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises, although you’d never know it at the time. Its plot was pretty standard for early Nintendo fare; the greedy King Dedede has stolen all of Dream Land’s food, and it’s up to Kirby to get it back by kicking some royal penguin ass...or whatever Dedede is supposed to be.

Zeus: What made this game different from its peers in the platforming industry was how it completely changed the rules. With the power to inhale most enemies and spit them at others, and the ability to puff himself up and effectively FLY over most obstacles, Kirby immediately set himself apart from fellow video game protagonists of the time. And keep in mind that this was before he even gained his signature Copy Abilities!

But more to the point, these changes DIDN’T stop Kirby’s debut game from being fun as hell, which is honestly the point of any game at the end of the day. And thanks to this game, Nintendo realized that they had something good going on with this lovable pink ball of fun. Even with later games introducing darker elements (most notably with a trend towards creepy, insane, or outright demonic final bosses), the Kirby series holds a place as one of Nintendo’s brightest, most endearing stars, and it’s all thanks to this humble beginning.

Zeus: Now, the reason why this game isn’t higher on our list is because Nintendo would soon create Kirby Super Star, a collection of Kirby games for the Super Nintendo. Kirby’s Dream Land was one of them (under the name “Spring Breeze”), and it got the same treatment Super Mario Bros got when Super Mario All-Stars was released. Updated Graphics, Sounds, and Gameplay. Add in the numerous OTHER games in the package, and the original Kirby’s Dream Land becomes outdated even by the standards of Game Boy games! That’s not to say it’s bad, per se - just not quite stand-out enough to make it past Number 9 on our list.

So Kirby, keep on flying, sucking, and kicking ass! We look forward to what future you have for the Nintendo NX!.................................................Seriously Zeus, I still can’t believe you looked at Kirby Porn.

Zeus: It was for research!....But Brian, the dick they gave Kirby was unreal!! It was about the size of-

AAAAUGH! the...childhood! T_T


If you haven’t heard of Donkey Kong Country, there are a few possibilities; you’re either lying, an elementary-school student, or just plain stupid.

Zeus: Now, we can sit here and talk about how Donkey Kong Country is a kickass gaming franchise and how it had some of the greatest games ever, but we’d be here all day… I’d recommend going over to our review of the Donkey Kong Country TV show to get the full details on that. Because today, we’re not talking about that series...we’re talking about its lesser-known Game Boy counterpart; the Donkey Kong Landseries.

Yep, the SNES DKC series was so epic, all three of its games got downsized and ported to the Game Boy for a new generation of would-be croc stompers! However, the Donkey Kong Land series had one game that really stood out above the rest - And that was the very first installment. SO! The number 8 spot specifically goes to the very first installment: Donkey Kong Land 1, or just Donkey Kong Land.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the sequels - they’re very faithful ports of their SNES counterparts, albeit stripped-down a bit for the sake of being Game Boy-friendly. But the thing is that they’re literally just carbon copies of their bigger console brothers - same levels, same bosses, same everything, really, just moved around a little. The original DKL made serious, genuine changes to give it a feel all its own - hell, it has a fucking city world and a few levels where you got to ride a BLIMP!

Zeus: We really need to stress that the wonder here is in Nintendo’s willingness to go the extra mile. DKL1 could have easily been a straight port of the already-successful DKC1. But Nintendo was a bit more creative than that! They wanted to start the Donkey Kong series off right for the Game Boy, so they went with this. And I commend them for it!


Which begs the question...why didn’t they do this for the two other sequels? It just felt like a step backwards...not that its sequels were bad or anything! Like we said, it stayed faithful, but it could have taken a page off of DKL1 and added some identity to it.

Zeus: And on the bright side, future remakes and ports of Donkey Kong Country actually did try to differentiate themselves a bit from the source material. But that’s for another time - let’s move on, shall we?


The next entry on our list is yet another of Nintendo’s attempts to bring one of their recognizable franchises onto the Game Boy scene. In this case, we’re talking about the second installment of the Metroid series: Metroid II: Return of Samus.

Zeus: Aaah yes, who DOESN’T love Samus Aran? One of Nintendo’s out-and-out badasses, imagine the shock many a player of the classic Metroid had when the mysterious armored warrior they’d been playing as removed their helmet (and possibly the rest of their armor) to reveal the pixelated form of a smoking-hot woman?

Which reminds me... Zeus, no matter how many times you ask Pitchmaw, he’s not going to have the Bunker clone Samus Aran and rewire her brain so you can have a grope fest with her.

Zeus: ...You know damn well Pitchmaw would actually say yes to that if I paid him for something in return. I just haven’t thought of what he would want in return.

Well, despite that, I refuse to let you do it. Samus has the same kind of attitude as Irene does - if you cross her, your ass will be unrecognizable to anyone you know. Just ask every poor sap she’s fought...oh wait, you can’t! Because they’ve been blown to Hell and back!

DENIIIIIIIIIIIED!!! *demonic shrieking*

Zeus: Well, fuck you too, Aerosmith voice.

Now then, back to the game. In Metroid II, Samus heads to the planet SR388 to exterminate the last remaining Metroids due to the threat they pose to the galaxy. On arrival, you’ll travel through different sections of this planet as you battle types of alien life. Samus has a detector that displays the number of Metroids remaining in the area. Once all the creatures are eliminated, an earthquake occurs and the planet's lava levels decrease, allowing Samus to travel deeper through its tunnels. The Metroids are encountered in different stages of their development cycle: Infant (the original), Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and Omega. The more developed the Metroid, the stronger its attack and the more punishment it can take.

Zeus:This game has different sorts of weapons and powerups, including the debut of the Spazer Beam, and the Plasma Beam. Metroid II also features the Space Jump, a new suit enhancement that allows Samus to jump infinitely and access otherwise unreachable areas. Also making their debut are the Spider Ball and Spring Ball.

Now while this game was rather cool and fun for its time, it was sadly considered as one of the weakest installments to the Metroid series. And to be fair, it had its fair share of problems. The graphics were a bit disappointing and felt a little repetitive, but one of the biggest problems I had with this game was the beam switching mechanic. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if switching them was simple with just a push of a button like in the first two Metroid Prime games...but here? You have to physically switch between them by returning to where they are first found. So you mean to tell me that you have to go AAAALLLL the way back to where you first found you one beam to switch from that? There's really no point to it.

Zeus: Though to be fair, the game really isn’t all that bad. Sure it had its hiccups, but it was still a worthy title to own for the Game Boy. It was Metroid’s first handheld game, and dammit they pulled it off well. If anything, it was a better attempt than what Metroid Prime: Hunters did, that’s for fucking sure!

Hey, Hunters was actually a good game!

Zeus: Oh, it is a good game…………….except for its obnoxious handling and controls! But hey, that’s for another review.


The Legend of Zelda series includes many great games, and their additions to the Gameboy era were no exception. One of these games I’d like to touch upon is what I deem to be a very innovative game for its time...But it’s not just one game. It’s actually TWO.

Zeus: Yes, mortals, Pokémon wasn’t the only series to get mileage outta making parallel versions of the same story. At this spot in the countdown, we have the Zelda take on the concept: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

On the surface, these Game Boy Color games seem to be your run-of-the-mill top-down Zelda classics. However, these games did something Mass Effect would do many years later: allow you to begin one game with the progress you’ve made in the other. Depending on which game you play first, be it Ages or Seasons, beating one and then playing the other will earn you a few bonuses and secrets that will help you in your journey on the next game.

Zeus: We’ll also point out that these games both have unique plots...even though the basics are essentially the same. Both feature Link teaming up with a pretty little lady (Nayru/Din) to use a plot-significant item (the Harp of Ages/Rod of Seasons) to find several magic thingamabobs (Essences of Time/Essences of Nature) to stop a new villain (Veran/Onox) from spreading chaos and suffering over a new land (Labrynna/Holodrum).

What’s cool is that the gameplay in both games is somewhat different; Ages puts more emphasis on puzzles, while Seasons has more focus on combat. Not only that, both games have a little gimmick that involves manipulating certain elements of time. Ages has you going back in time while Seasons has you changing..well..the seasons. In both cases, you can use your powers to locate new dungeons and solve puzzles.

Zeus: However, the game loses a few points with me because of the big reveal at the end, which you can only access by completing both games via the aforementioned linked-story function. Spoiler alert - you WON’T be surprised to find out who’s really behind all this madness...well, you might, but I doubt it.

But hey, it’s still a great game despite this fact.

Zeus: It is. I’m just disappointed that all that storyline led to such a cheap twist...and also that Veran and Onox never returned in the Zelda series. Seriously - one’s a demonic sorceress with a great rack, and the other’s a golden knight who turns into a fucking DRAGON!......Aw hell, now I can’t look at Irene or Pitchmaw for a while...


If there’s one thing we know from our years of gaming, it’s this: you can’t have a Nintendo-related console without Nintendo’s number-one mascot, Mario. So, what was Mario’s first step towards the handheld gaming realm? Isn’t it obvious? Super Mario Land!

Zeus: You may be noticing a trend here. Nintendo had an odd tendency to slap “Land” on the end of their franchises when making a Game Boy game for them. No idea why, but it’s neat to point out.

Here’s the shocking thing about this game, though. Most Mario games were developed under the supervision of Shigeru Miyamoto...but not this one! This was the very first Mario game that Miyamoto had no hand in...and it shows.

Zeus: The plot is familiar - save the princess from the forces of evil - but the players and stage are quite different. Instead of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario travels through a place called Sarasaland, which is under attack by the evil alien, Tatanga. He’s brainwashed the people of Sarasaland’s four kingdoms, and kidnapped Princess Daisy to be his bride...are you a bad enough plumber to kick his ass back to space and save everyone?

This game is quite an oddity in of itself, and that’s something you’d never hear when you talk about a Mario game. While the gameplay still feels like a classic 2D platformer, it still feels really different. You get to do things that you would never see yourself doing in other Mario games, like piloting a submarine or a plane! And its music...Mmph! Its soundtrack is so fucking catchy, especially this familiar gem~!…

If I could make that the ringtone for my phone, I would! It is that catchy and addictive!


...Okay, no. If that disembodied voice mangles any more of my childhood soundtrack, I’m drawing it a throat just so I can rip it out!

Zeus: The game is relatively short, with only three levels in each of its four worlds. It’s about standard for a portable game like this (particularly one without a save function), so it doesn’t detract from the game’s overall fun experience. Why, then, is it so low on the list? Weeeelll...stick around for the rest and you’ll find out soon. For now, let’s move on.

Can we listen to that song one more time?

Zeus: After the Top 10.


Before we talk about our next game, we need to talk about one of Nintendo’s obscured heroes in the Marioverse. A man whose deeds rival Mario’s; a man who has taken on armies, demons, and all sorts of strange and terrible things; a man who is defined by his strength, his cunning...and his overwhelming greed.

Zeus: A man who, for some odd reason, has no problem bragging about his own disgusting odor. He’s the “hero” with the upside-down M, Wario, and he’s the star of our next game: Super Mario Land 3. Or, as it’s more commonly known…Wario Land.


At the time of its release, this game could easily be seen as a parody of the standard Nintendo platformer, with similar mechanics but a VASTLY different plot. Instead of heroism, romance, or even basic human decency, Wario is motivated by one thing and one thing alone - straight-up greed. He’s hellbent on gaining a castle of his own, and he figures he can do it by selling a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) golden statue of Princess Peach. Only problem; said statue is in the possession of the Brown Sugar Pirates, led by the mysterious yet fearsome Captain Syrup. Needless to say, much asskicking ensues.

Zeus: This game plays quite differently from a traditional Mario game. In this game, you travel to different parts of Kitchen Island, using your strength and ingenuity to find branching paths with coins and treasure. Wario’s basic skill is his shoulder tackle, but you also obtain different powerups that allow you to do ground pounds, hover, breath fire, and shoulder tackle in the air. The last of which, by the way, is frickin’ broken as hell for getting through the levels...not so much for actually finding treasure, though.

For a game that feels like Mario and yet doesn’t star him, Wario Land is pretty kick-ass! It takes Mario and it piledrives it like Mike Haggar at Metro City...straight into a bag of coins! This is a worthy game to own for your Game Boy.

Zeus: But, of course, this game would feature one of my many gripes about the Wario series...all of their adventure games are relatively short. I guess it’s trying to do the opposite of </i>Mario, where their games are much longer...and I guess it works...but it's still a major bummer. But then again, reviewers no longer detract points for a game’s length……..well…..apart from Ground Zero, but you know...


...Riiiight. Moving on now!


Now, while we previously said that Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were really good entries in the Zelda series, there’s another game in the franchise that eclipses even them. And guess what? It’s still on the Game Boy, so we get to talk about it now!

Zeus: Imagine, if you will, being lost at sea on a rickety old boat. Bad enough as is, but then a storm decides to show up and toss you around! When you wake up from your pain/terror/drowning-induced slumber, you find yourself on the shores of a mysterious island. That, dear mortals, is...the plot of many a Cast Away ripoff, but ALSO the opening to our next game on the list: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening!

The plot of this game is seriously crazy...and surprisingly sad! Now...I’m going to explain that story, but for your sake...Disembodied Voice of Aerosmith?


Thank you. Now then…Link discovers that he’s stuck on the island of Koholint, and the only way out is to awaken a being known as the Wind Fish. To do that, he needs to play the “Ballad of the Wind Fish”, but to do that, he needs the Instruments of the Sirens, which are - to no one’s surprise - hidden in the deepest, darkest dungeons of the island and guarded by a host of nasty creatures.

Zeus: As you progress in the game, several characters (including a friendly owl and several of the bosses) tell you in so many words that the entire island is nothing more than a dream of the Wind Fish - the monsters you’re fighting are manifestations of the oversized seafood special’s nightmares. If Link was to wake the Wind Fish up, Koholint and its inhabitants will fade away - basically, your freedom comes at the cost of everyone else’s lives! It’s...kinda sad when you think about it. On the plus side, the whole “everything was nothing more than a dream” plot was done fairly well. HEY, SUPER MARIO BROS. 2! TAKE NOTES!!!


While the game doesn’t utilize the same cool mechanic that the Oracle games used, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the basics. Link’s Awakening kept to the Link to the Past formula (fitting, as it is canonically the sequel to that game) and gave it some flow and enjoyment.

Zeus: What makes this game so cool is that in some segments of the game, mostly in dungeons, you can shift from the traditional top-down gameplay to a 2D platformer style. It gives this game a lot more soul. Though, there’s just something that bothers me about this game. The 2D segments of this game feature too many enemies that hailed from the Mario series! I’m talking Goombas, Cheep Cheeps, and even Piranha Plants! Nintendo, is there something you aren’t telling us here about Koholint Island? Either the Wind Fish is an avid Mario fan, or he’s been on the other kind of magic mushroom...

Potential fan theories/conspiracies aside, Link’s Awakening is a literally a Dream Come True for Game Boy owners everywhere. Ooooh, you know what would be really cool? If Nintendo did a 3DS remake of Link’s Awakening!!

Zeus: Pssshhh, only in your little dream world, Brian.

Hey, a man can dream, can’t he?

Zeus: Okay let’s stop with the dream jokes. They are starting to become a nightmare…. Hehehe, see what I did there?


Do us a favor and scroll back up to Number 4. Remember how we said Wario is a greedy motherfucker who wants a castle of his own, no matter the cost? Well…the events of Wario Land were actually his backup plan - originally, he figured he’d just save himself the trouble and steal someone else’s digs.

Zeus: Now, that’s actually a clever idea, given how badass Wario turns out to be. Unfortunately, his target of choice is the one man even MORE badass than he is: none other than good ol’ Mario! Which leads us to this game: Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins.

Remember how we were going to explain why Super Mario Land was so low on the list? Well, it's because of this game. Super Mario Land 2 took everything that we knew about Super Mario Land and threw it out the window! It adds new flavors to an already tasty delicious buffet.

Zeus: It also reveals Mario to be a lot more pimped-out than we thought. Seriously, not only does he have his own castle, he has his own ISLAND! Complete with a statue of himself that doubles as a freaky factory/mecha.

This game has you traversing a giant tree, a haunted mansion inside a giant pumpkin, a...not-so-haunted mansion that somehow shrinks you the size of an ant, the aforementioned giant robotic version of you, a turtle-shaped island in the ocean, and space!!...SPAAACEE!!


Zeus: Some how, I feel the Space Core will be very angry that you are stealing his thunder.

I DIDN’T MEAN IIIIIIITTTTT! I APOLOGIZE-ZAH! *smashes a box of fluffy things with a chainsaw*

Zeus: Riiight. Now this game features two major power-ups. The Fire-Flower and The Bunny Hat. You know the deal with the Fire-Flower. But the Bunny Hat is an entirely new power-up (albeit with precedents, like the Raccoon Suit and the Cape). This powerup allows you to glide down the level, helping you traverse any dangerous obstacles.

Now, the objective of this game is simple. You need to travel through the 6 different worlds and defeat the boss at the end of each. Every boss gives up one of the titular 6 golden coins, which are needed to open his repossessed castle and face Wario in battle..

Zeus: Wait a minute…..6 Worlds….6 Bosses….6 Coins…. 6…6…6!</b> HOLY SHIT!!! NINTENDO IS IN CAHOOTS WITH SATAN!!! THE MARIO SERIES IS A CREATION OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF!............said no one ever.

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, Zeus -_-;;;

Zeus: Yeeaahh...good point. Fuck you, Jack Thompson.

Anyways, this game is a blast to play. The mechanics are smooth, the graphics look better than ever, and of course, this game is not without its addicting catchy music! Like this one!!…

So, obviously, this game is a big improvement on its predecessor, but why do we like it more than the sequel? Well, it’s because it lacks the sequel’s biggest problem; Wario Land felt really floaty. And let’s be clear; floaty + platforming = not a good time. This one, however, tones it down and makes it more tolerable. So good on ya, SML2~

Alright, its time for our number one! But first, let’s do a recap!


Number 10: Blocks! Blocks! So many blocks! (Tetris)

Zeus Number 9: Kirby packs one GIANT package!!

ZEUUUS! STOP ATTACKING MY CHILDHOOD!!! (Kirby’s Dreamland) Ahem, anyways...

Number 8: OOOOHH, BANANA! IN BLACK AND WHITE! (Donkey Kong Land)

Zeus: Number 7: Be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting Metroids. (Metroid II: Return of Samus)

Number 6: Two worlds, two oracles, one epic story! (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons)

Zeus Number 5: And if you look to your left, you will find Mario stomping on a sentient Moai creature. (Super Mario Land)

Number 4: It’s-a me...WARIO! WAA-HAA-HAA! (Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3)

Zeus Number 3: It’s all in your mind...suck it, FNaF series! (The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening)

Number 2: SUPER MARIO LAND 2 IS SATANIC!!!!....EXCEPT IT'S NOT!! (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins)

And now, without further ado…


Before I reveal what our favorite Game Boy game is, allow me to tell you a story. When I was but a little kid, I first got my hands on this game when I went to my mom’s friend’s house. When I first saw what this game...I was...rather disappointed. I saw this game and said, “’s just a port to the classic Arcade game…” But I decided to just play it anyway, ‘cause I was bored and had nothing to do. So I played it. And I reached 100m and beat what I thought was the final boss, but while I was just waiting for the credits to roll……………


To which I was like, "WHOOOOOAAA!!!" And just like that, the game turned into a whole new ballgame! Ladies, gentlemen, kids, and transgenders, you’ve just heard the essence of what makes Donkey Kong ‘94 so damn good.

Zeus: Also known as “Game Boy Donkey Kong”, Donkey Kong ‘94 was one of those games that blew our expectations out the fucking water. It starts as a faithful port of the classic arcade, but it turns into something much much more! After seemingly defeating Donkey Kong in the 100m section of the construction site, the meat of the game begins. Now you have to pass through 9 different worlds as you chase that overgrown gorilla through dozens of levels that require a lot of puzzle-solving skills.

You’ll be doing things like using a hammer, taking a page off Super Mario Bros. 2 (read: picking enemies up and throwing them), creating blocks and ladders to reach places you couldn’t reach, triple jumps, back flips, etc. All of these skills and more are required if you wanna beat this game.

Zeus: Oh and don’t think you’ll be blazing through this game like some pro. The game gets harder with ever world progression. In addition to hordes of enemies and DK himself, you’ll have to contend with his son, Donkey Kong Jr, along the way! Yes, the game even throws the protagonist of the original arcade game’s sequel at you!

I honestly can’t say enough about this game’s virtues. It’s original, fun as hell, and very well could have inspired the classic 3D Mario platformers that would take the stage with Super Mario 64! Seriously, look at Mario’s moves in DK’94 and tell me that doesn’t look like the beginning of the jumping stunts he uses in later games!

Zeus: Here’s one final fun fact. Did you know that this game is also the predecessor to the stand-alone Mario vs. Donkey Kong series - now better known for its use of the Mini-Marios? Yes, that makes two separate branches of the Marioverse that owe their existence to this game.

And to top it all off, you get an epic homage to the material that may have inspired the original Donkey Kong if you make it to the end of this game. After ascending a massive tower and seemingly defeating Donkey Kong for the final time, he grabs a bunch of Super Mushrooms and becomes a frickin’ enormous version of himself! And you have to kick his oversized ass one last time (or rather, three times) before he finally gives up for good. And, naturally, there’s kickass music to set the mood; check it out here:…

Ahh...good times. Gooood times. So, in summary…Donkey Kong ‘94 is awesome, and you should play it. If you didn’t get the chance...HA! Suckers! You missed a hell of a good one.

Zeus: And there you have it, mortals. This concludes another successful Top 10.


As always folks, we thank you for the love and support and if YOU have any Game Boy Games that you love and we didn’t mention, please tell us on the comments below. And please, keep it civil. So on that note, I’m Sgt.Spider.

Zeus: I’m Zeus.

And we’ll see you next time on Heliotrope Hostile Reviews! This is Sgt. Spider, and you are all…


Zeus: Play us out, Disembodied Voice of Aerosmith!

BAH BAH-BAH-BAH BAAH BEEOOOOOWWWWW!!!! *rips off a random guy’s arms and beats two other guys to death with them while playing an epic riff*

...God dammit! He just ruined my DK’94 memories! ...Zeus, I’ve made up my’s not staying <_<

.Zeus: Eh, I had a feeling you wouldn’t like it. Ah well, back to the drawing board. I’ll try something much better! Trust me, you’ll love it.

We shall see...anywho, put that on hold Zeus.

Zeus: Why?

Because……………’s time.

Zeus: ....?...........Oh! It is?!’s time to finally put an end to our recurring nightmares. Let’s kill the last time…


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Top 10 Best Gameboy Games
Aah Gameboy. Such a classic Era UvU

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...Satellite Beams...Space Sharks.........Laser Chainsaws......................And birthing a baby while inside a shark...

This sums up my reaction

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Sylvie's Twisted Little Pets - Part 1
It was only a matter of time before I revealed these fuckers. And here they are! Sylvie's Pets! Keep in mind therea re like TONES of these but here are just the images of what they are. We have our token Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn. But then we have our Muscle Pounded Pony. And then on the other side, we got one of Sylvie's twisted creations. The Centaur. Just goes to show how twisted this My Little Pony fan really is.

The Mutant Ponies

Sylvie’s pets, a group of twisted, mutant ponies apparently based on the ones from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, they have a more monstrous appearance and an insatiable appetite for flesh, allowing Sylvie to use them as effective combatants. They are created from people through a painful and gruesome “ponification” process.

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Moving on to the Mole Patrol:…

EDIT: 2 WotZK posts in one day because I'm bored:…
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Even though you haven't seen the Koopas yet, here's their Ztarified forms:…
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Moving from Goombas to Koopas:…
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Here's the (technically) first in a series of WotZK posts:…
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Brian whats your Skype account name thing
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I've been watching a video on Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, and I just recently came up with a couple of badge ideas based on the Light and Dark Beams. Of course, I have no plans for them (or else I'd be making a new Paper Mario idea, and since I already have 3, that's not happening), but thinking more about it, it might fit in with your Wrath of the Ztar King project. Of course, I don't know if you already have the idea in your mind, but just in case, I could tell you about the 4 badges (they're all Attack Badges):

The Ztar Hammer & Ztar Jump Badges - Does more damage against normal enemies
The Holy Hammer & Holy Jump Badges - Does more damage against Ztar enemies (including Ztarified enemies)

It probably would just be simple to just make them like the Ice Power Badge, but since they're opposites, equipping both of them at the same time would just neutralize the effects, hence why I made them into Attack Badges.

So... What do you think?
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That actually sounds like a pretty neat idea there =3
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Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
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Just wanted to let you know that I got all of Chapter 5 (including the Chapter 5 interlude) revised and reposted. So if you wanted to give them a read, now's a perfect time to do so.
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