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-Penny For Your Thoughts: React, Reuse, and Recycle - The FineBros Controversy

Oooooh boy....The internet sure doesn't skip a beat when it comes to news like this. I guess in a world filled with a bunch of assholes, at least we can agree there are some sensible people on the internet.

So for those of you who have been living under a Dwayne Johnson (Get it because he's known as "The Rock"?), The internet; or Youtube rather, has been going through a hellstorm and not in a good way. The instigators this time, however, are none other than the FineBros. For those of you who don't know, they are the ones responsible for "Kids React", "Elders React", "Youtubers React", etc. For those who are fans, get ready because after this, you won't be.

So what's going on? The FineBros have announced that they want to start a licensing business or whatever called "ReactWorld". Now I'm not going to get too technical with the information about this (Feel free to watch their video about it), but essentially this means they want to put a license over reaction videos and what not. And as you probably tell, the Internet is NOT happy about this. And if you ask me, I'm with the internet on this one.

These greedy fuckers do not have the best intentions to help you get famous for your videos. All they essentially wanna do is mooch of other people's content by making pointless reaction videos of them. As my friend :icongamekrazd: put it; they basically want to ride the coattails of people's hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. But this goes beyond just riding the coattails. No, they basically want to leech off the life force out of you (i.e. views, hits, and subscribers...and possibly revenue).But it just goes beyond that. They basically want to copyright the word "Reaction". Meaning if any of your vids have the word "reaction" into it; you could be at risk of getting copyright strikes and takedowns. Hell, your chances of those may have doubled at that point!....Hmmmm....a greedy company trying to copyright an already existing word...where have I heard that one before.....I'm looking at you, King; creators of Candy Crush >_>

First of all, how do you put a license on something that:

A.) Was an already existing word since the dawn of fucking time
B.) Was a concept since the very beginning of Youtube's life time!

And make money off of it? Of course there's no reasonable explanation for this! This is the FineBros showing how much of a corporate greedy scumfucks they can be. This benefits no one outside of this idea and can only lead to terrible things. 

And what makes this whole thing terrible is because these guys are taking advantage of Youtube's horribly broken copyright system. In the past, people have been getting copyright strikes and their accounts being suspended for bullshit reasons and Youtube will do fuck all to fix their broken system. What the FineBros did is basically found a loophole to beat this broken system and give themselves immunity of things like copyright strikes while also monetizing other people's videos and make way more money off of them. This is an Abuse of power! 

And I fucking love how they are trying to say that this is going to "Change The World". Listen, I'm going to be a realist here and say that Reaction videos themselves (while there re some exceptions) are a fucking waste of space on youtube. And your telling me this is going to change the world? They are treating this as if Reaction Videos are the second coming of Jesus Christ or is going to feed starving children and give them new homes....I'm sorry, but last time I checked; A douchebag watching a video of a guy shoving fireworks up his ass does not give a starving child a better tomorrow. I'll tell you one thing though, you guys did change something alright. What you changed was my mind on ever watching your shit. But I get it FineBros. I get it. Its fun to watch out of touch old farts look at kids doing dumb things and here them go on a rant about how "Our children of this generation are not what they seem to be and this has proven that we have devolved as a species", or some other 'back in my day' rant; but this is wrong, its stupid, and it only shows how Greedy you fucks are.

So in conclusion, ReactWorld is stupid and the FineBros should be ashamed of themselves. Any hopes I had of ever being fans of their content have fucking sunk and the backlash and hate they have been receiving is definitely well deserved. I do not and will not support this move and neither should you.

So I ask you my fellow soldiers....A Penny For Your Thoughts?
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DK...Gronkus Donk
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True Artist Stamp by chibibarrageCOM: Brian [Type2] by Peppermint-KittenWhats more Important by EmeraldTokyo
Opinion is NOT a fact by DivineSpiritual:thumb377239669:Wii U Stamp by Kevfin
Sybreed Stamp by LancerWolf13why hasnt this stamp been made by mariofan323Scar Symmetry Stamp by RecklessKaiser
:thumb345827393:Game Grumps by windwakers:thumb345830786:
Love on dA Stamp by SparkLumI Love My Girlfriend Stamp by RecklessKaiserFriends stamp by Meddle689
Nintendo Fan For Life by FreakyZombieChickGilda Stamp by jewlechoMario Bros. 3 Stamp by TheEmptyCanvas
Fucking bubbles by I-dont-wanna-tell:thumb281562691:
Accept Everyone by stasher-dragonFriendly Christian by DanileeNatsumiSlam One (It Worked!) Faygo by lollirotfest
Art is Stamp by ultravioletbatRarity Stamp by jewlechoDA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics
Keep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-RoseRespect, Faith, and Love by Saintbirdy:thumb206822405:
GO TEAM VENTURE ___ V by morowhitewolfApplejack Stamp by jewlechoMario 'stache Stamp by SuperTeeter64
Trixie Stamp by jewlechoSpike Stamp by jewlechoOh, Shit Onionhead Stamp by Ibilicious
Stamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-HarunoIf You Want Attention Stamp by AmethystKirbySweetie Belle Icon by jewlecho
:Stamp: Anti Peta by ZillenioseQueen Chrysalis Stamp by jewlechoDiscord Stamp by jewlecho
Sonic Stamp by Miha85Sonic Generations Stamp by DbzbabeSonic Team by TheStampKing
Billy Joe Cobra by stampsnstuffsealab 2021 by someth1ngw1ckedDane Cook Stamp by HappyStamp
Mileena Fan Stamp by CanzedaPrincess Cadance Stamp by jewlechoWeavile stamp by schneckomann
Metroid Stamp by phazonwarrior:Samus: Super Metroid -Stamp- by DrXtremeRidley Stamp by Ultrathefox

I love you kitty ^///^ :smooch: :huggle:

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this anywhere.


Sargent Spider: :iconthespidermanager:

Not-So-Hell Spawn: :iconscafedragon:
Drive Mustang: :iconagent-eli:
The British Mummy: :iconmaxcutter:


Kiki the Klefki
Here we have another Pokemon OC and its a Klefki

Kiki is a treasure hunter with a huge sense of adventure. She's also a master locksmith. No treasure chest is locked forever with her~

Personality wise, Kiki is a bit of a klutz. She can be rather silly and goofy. She does have a good sense of humor though.

Now you'll notice how most Klefkis have four keys. Kiki only has 3. She lost her old one many years ago before she met Brian. Her personal goal in life is to maybe mind her missing key

Kiki and Dryad, despite being polar opposite Pokemon types, are actually great friends.
Dryad Woodthorn, The Magical and Spooky Trevenant
Originally this character was exclusively only on Furaffinity, but I figured "fuck it" I'd bring her here too~! Some stuff have been censored though >3> if you wanna see the legit uncensored thing, well you best have an FA uvu

You know, there has been tons of people who've made Pokemon OCs. And seeing as how I love Pokemon, I figured it was time to get in the band wagon~ Only this time, I chose a Pokemon I've rarely seen people make OCs for. So allow me to introduce you to (what might be my ONLY Pokemon OC) Dryad!

Plain and Simple, Dryad is a Trevenant. This took me 4 hours to create and boy was that all worth it!! Hope you all like :D all their info is there :3
Mr.Bizzaro (Jojo) ID by TheSpiderManager
Mr.Bizzaro (Jojo) ID
"Stay on my good side and you won't have to witness the dark side"

So I've taken the liberty to do a major overhaul to :iconxblue1gear750:'s ID due to the updated change to his sona. No longer rocking Nessa's style, Jojo is here and and he's rocking his own moves~! But be careful...there's something to this guy that is very...very dangerous...

Main Stage: Ruins of Vengeance

Main Theme: [PENDING]
Boss Character #3: Corrupted Zeus by TheSpiderManager
Boss Character #3: Corrupted Zeus
"Kneel before your parasitic ruler, Zeus!

Yay! Another Boss Character~! Now I propose to you a question. Remember the Zeus a long time ago in Brian's Origin that was really freaking evil? Well what if by some strange means, That version of Zeus...was roaming the Nexus? Behold, a doppelganger of the evil Zeus. but wait...what's with the eyes? They are alot different than regular Hostile colors....could this mean something? Who knows...all we know is that we refer to this one as..."Corrupted Zeus"

Main Stage: Bloodshed Ruins

Main Theme: Megaman X6 - Sigma Theme:…
Character Select Roster v3.5 WIP by TheSpiderManager
Character Select Roster v3.5 WIP

Behold! The Crimson Society Mock Fighter Game Character Select the more I look at this, the more I wish this was an actual game! But anywho, Here's the cast of characters we have.

The Leader Himself - ME!
Our Three Councilmen :iconscafedragon:,:iconmaxcutter:, and :iconagent-eli:

The Crimson Society Members: :iconraptorofire:,:iconkitten700:,:iconxblue1gear750:,:iconcall-me-jack:,:iconrainbroach:,:iconcrucifythewolf:,:iconslimeking:,:iconmiss-nessa:,:iconzs99:,:icondragonuv3:, :iconheroshiningphoenix21:, :icondonutrave:, Gideon Kingsley, Juliet Kingsley, Gabe "Ruby" Hart, the mascot; B.Nana, the incognito member; Matt,  and the other mascot (who is much scarier mind you), Zuula,

The Guest Characters: :iconskewz:,:iconwopter:,:iconterryred:,:iconjalkoom:, Nevic (owned by :iconsliveremperor:), Sarah, Grim (owned by :iconunlucky0013: ) :iconleonidas23: and :icontyrranux:

At the very bottom, The Azure Initiative, A.K.A. The Villains to the Crimson Society: Weiss, Amethyst, Purgatory, 1:30, Sylvie, Quantum, and Marcell.

And now! DLC Characters! yes I'm serious XD. We have Albert Wesker, Scott Pilgrim, Scorpion, Pinkamena, Samus, Raiden, Sans, and Bison

What you see here is merely a Work In Progress. There is so much more I need to do with this before it looks spiffy and clean. For now, this is what we have :3 I'll be updating this thing frequently so stay tuned for that.

Since this is a W.I.P., you guys are free to offer some suggestions, advice, comments, and questions for some ideas or what you think needs to go on this. I'm open to whatever you have to share =3 Thank you ^^
UPDATE - May 30: With Seo's ID pic released, Seo has now been added to the roster!

UPDATE - May 31: Matt has now been confirmed to the roster! What could this Acid spitting mantis bring to the table?

UPDATE - June 2: A new character has joined the guest roster! Aseel takes the helm!

UPDATE - June 6: Thanks to TJ for the idea, I've changed the colors to the villains group. Now they are known as the Azure Initiative instead of Vermilion. Speaking of which, Weiss has now been added to the roster.

UPDATE - June 15: Amethyst now added to the fray! She maybe a tease, but she sure knows some GREAT moves


UPDATE - June 25: An Angel has descended to the roster. Purgatory now joins in on the fight

UPDATE - June 26: Set your clocks to 1:30 children, because the murderous beast has arrived

UPDATE - June 30: The Stables are open. Sylvie and her hoard of ponies have arrived!

UPDATE - July 1: Quantum Logs in to fight! This only leaves one last member!

UPDATE - July 9: Rock Out to Marcell as he makes his way into the roster. That is all members of the Azure Initiative.

UPDATE - July 25: WOW THIS IS A BIG UPDATE! So I have added a few more slots for the mock fighter! Including some characters who were suppose to make the cut, but due to time constraints, were now on the DLC train! so...DLC Slots!! OH! and now Zuula joins the fight!

Update - July 28: I made some adjustments with the roster. Now Matt is in the Crimson Society Member's roster. This allows me to make more room for the guest roster. And speaking of guests, Sarah now joins the fight!

Update - July 28 PART 2: Look into the eyes of the grim reaper! Grim, The Best Damn Killer, now arrives to fight.

Update - August 2: Our DLC Roster has begun with....ALBERT WESKER?! 

Update - August 3: The roster has been slightly updated. As well as the reveal of the next DLC Character, Scott Pilgrim!!

Update - August 23: From the depths of Hell, the flaming skull ninja has risen to kill. Scorpion joins the fight!

Update - August 29: Life's a party and your all invited. Pinkamena wants to bake you all a cupcake~

Update - September 2: Space Pirates beware! Samus Aran is on a mission! And she will go through any means to complete it!

Update - October 17: Destiny is calling and a new warrior from another universe appears. Terry Jones has come to join the fight. That puts an end to all guest characters.

Update - October 28: The one with the power of Psycho is here! M.Bison comes in to crush his enemies beneath his heel

Update - November 22: Tavo got a major overhaul recently, so it was fitting to change up his roster image :3

Update - November 23: The DLC Roster has finally been completed with Raiden being the final member to the roster. Also, I've changed the colors to the Guest Roster's panel to make it more distinct.

Update - November 25: Yet again I have made some adjustments to the roster! Now we have TWO more DLC Slots AND TWO more new Azure Initiative Slots. So to celebrate, we have N.E.D. coming in the fray!

Update - December 2: Ryūko is ready to cut you up! She joins the DLC Roster

Update - December 26: Alex, The Temporal Knight, tips the scales. Completing the guest roster slot for the Crimson Society Mock Fighter

Update - December 26:The Hive Queen, Saturn, buzzes her way into the final space in the Azure Initiative Roster

Update - December 28:The-"now grown adult"-Isaac will no longer have to face his mother, but instead an assortment of fighters. What can be in store for him? Who knows. But on the other note, THE ROSTER IS FINALLY COMPLETE! Now to work on the next important bits~

Update - April 24: WHOA! Been a while since I last updated this thing! Oh and look. I added 4 more DLC slots. Guess I had other characters on the mind :'D and here to fill in the first slot is......Flippy?! OH NO!!!

Update - June 23: Are you ready for the beauty of nature? Gideon Kingsley is here to show you that~

Update - August 7: Are you ready for some dodgebaaaaaalllll??? Good because Gabe is!

Update - September 5: GO GO POWER RANGERS!............Well not really....But hey look! New member :D and its Hensai Jack!

Update - October25: Are you ready to have a bad time? Because Sans sure as hell is~

Update - November 4: Due to a...conflict beyond my control, :icongamekrazd: and :icontwistedkunoichi: have left the Crimson Society. You will be missed guys.

Update - February 4 [2016]: Finally an update to this roster on the new year~! And what better way to kick it off than with the daughter of the faceless gentleman, Juliet Kingsley

Update - February 5: Hide your Donuts, because :icondonutrave: Is here :3

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